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The only difficult bit is choosing which of the free gifts you are going to have!

Sign-up for your free gift and take an offer with Gala Bingo, Coral, LOVEFiLM, Homestead/Intuit (International) or LittleBidTasty (international and takes PayPal.  That's as simple as it can get, join the thousands who've already received their free gifts!


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an expert’s view on how you can get free stuff and why it really works!

Every day new websites pop up offering free electrical goods and the internet is littered with people claiming to have received free games consoles, a free iPhone, free iPod Touch, free iPad and even free HDTVs

As hard as that may be to believe, the majority of those claims are true.  This article attempts to put the record straight and explain how!

How can it be possible to give expensive goods away for nothing?

The phenomenon of referral marketing allows consumers to receive highly sought after free gifts through what are essentially advertising websites (known as a referrals website) such as Freebiejeebies.

It's probably best to illustrate this with an example.  Let's say you decide to sign up to get a free iPod Shuffle:

The first thing you will be asked to do is take out an advertiser's offer.   If you are based in the UK, USA or Canada, recommended offers include a free, no obligation web builder trial with Intuit or Homestead, or maybe a free ringtone download.

Step two is to refer others to repeat the process (hence the term “referrals website”).  An iPod Shuffle would typically require just two referrals and we all have a couple of friends who could be persuaded to take up their own free trials.

Job done, just wait for the postman with your free iPod Shuffle!

This all seems very quick and easy but who are the winners? Why does it work?





Nothing, nil!

A free website and a free iPod Shuffle.

Referrals website

£40 on your iPod Shuffle.

Three commissions of between £20 and £30 each from the advertiser – Profit = up to £50

The advertiser

£60 - £90; a drop in the ocean compared to a TV or newspaper campaign.

Three potential customers who have actually tried their service and may well like to keep it.   

Referral rates vary depending on the item you are after but you get the idea – everybody wins!

Do you have any proof?

Of course, I even have a proof page! What better testimonial could you want than real items received by real people. There are literally hundreds of threads in the I Got My Free Item section of the eXceem free community forum; the system has proven so successful that it was also featured in a video podcast by the BBC's Newsnight program – take a look here.

The Verdict

If you are willing to take up a free trial such as the DVD rental with LOVEFILM, or maybe a low cost offer with Gala or Coral, referred to in this article, then yes, you will be receiving free gifts like the free Xbox 360, free iPhone, free iPad or a free PS3 in no time at all!

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