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Getting free gifts online started as a hobby but it soon became obvious how easy it was to provide my family and friends with expensive electrical goods that none of us could otherwise afford. My first free gift almost four years ago was a free Xbox 360 and the latest was a free iPad just a few days back, with a free iPhone and everything else imaginable in between!

The only difficult bit is choosing which of the free gifts you are going to have!

Sign-up for your free gift and take a free trial or low cost offer.  That's as simple as it can get, join the thousands who've already received their free gifts!

The process is no different from businesses like Sky TV offering vouchers to encourage you to get your friends to take a HD subscription. The advertisers you need to look out here are all household names and come highly recommended. I wouldn't suggest them if I hadn't tried them out myself first!

They all pay a referral commission which is used to cover the cost of your free iPhone, free iPad, free iPod Touch, free Wii, free Xbox 360, free MacBook or any other fantastic free gifts that you want.

Look out for the offer logos on your account "offers" tab once you have signed-up and logged in.

An iPhone for £5?  Let's call it a free iPhone!  Try Homestead/Intuit's 30 day free trial, build yourself a free website and get a free games console, free iPhone, free iPod and many more fantastic free gifts Deposit just 10 ($15) via PayPal, buy some bids and you will be on your way to your free iPhone 4, free iPad or free Macbook.  You might even win some fantastic prizes along the way!


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Free gadgets testimonial

A fantastic endorsement of Freebiejeebies from John Bentley on The Gadget Show, proving beyond all shadow of a doubt that incentive schemes are here to stay.

What are you waiting for, go grab you free gifts right now!



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